WinView Games DFS in Ohio

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Although online sports betting is still not allowed in Ohio, but daily fantasy sports certainly are. What if you are looking for some sports betting action but don’t really enjoy the game concept that daily fantasy sports provide? What if you had some kind of an amalgamation of the two? 

With WinView Games DFS Ohio, you can find everything you’re looking for!

This fantasy sports provider offers an interesting concept to DFS that is totally different from the traditional one. People may be fed up with the usual salary cap rule, so this added innovation is certainly welcome. 

Let’s find out what it’s all about! 

WinView Games DFS Ohio Registration

Becoming an active player with WinView Games will require you to have your own account. Luckily, this does not take so long. Taking a few moments of your time will lead you to a plethora of fun DFS matches that come with every new sports game. 

Here is what you need to do: 

  1. Enter the site and click the PLAY NOW button. 
  2. Download the app and install it on your phone. 
  3. Create an account by submitting some of your personal details. 
  4. Connect a PayPal account or a major credit card. 
  5. Enter contests and have fun. 

WinView Games DFS Ohio does not have a desktop version. So the only way to play it is through the app. The website is there to help you obtain the app itself. 

Let’s find out more about the app. 

WinView Games in Ohio

WinView Games DFS Ohio App

Downloading the app is your gateway towards WinView Games DFS Ohio! In fact, it is the only way to play the fantasy contests available there. Visit the site to get the app so you can participate in the games available there. 

You can get either the Android version and the iOS one, depending on your need. After installing it, you can create an account through the app and start having fun. Don’t forget to link a deposit method, though. There are some games that don’t require you to have any cash and are available through tickets, but the ones with the most value require a deposit. 

How to play WinView Games DFS in OH

So how can I play WInView Games DFS Ohio? 

Even though WinView is entirely different from other fantasy games, the concept itself is rather simple. 

Once you download the app and register (all described above), the currently available games are going to be displayed. The way they are displayed is actually quite similar to an online sports betting site– just pick one game and enter a room with all the other competing players. 

Some contests require a small deposit, but there are some that can be played using tickets. Once you start a contest you will need to play it live! So during gameplay, questions will appear. For instance, “Will LeBron James score on the next possession?” or “Will the Patriots pick up a first down on their first drive?” 

Answering successfully will enable you to pick points and win contests and eventually earn rewards. 

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